Zeus is loved by Liat and lives
in Ma'alei Adumim, Israel.
Flametrees Zuli at Umhlandla and
Flametrees Shirani of Shabani, loved by
Carol Ann Carlton and Kelly Slater, UK

Flametrees Brown Sugar, loved
by Anna Ringer.
Ch. Flametrees Obeche at Khananga,
loved by Melanie and Keith Dunn.
Amarula, Shirani, Brown Sugar and Obe are all litter sisters and brothers:
Ch. Vizara Shemesh of Shabani x Flametrees Carnil.
Flametrees Shirani of Shabani       d.o.b. 24- 03- 2000

French Ch.
BOS French Clubmatch 2002
BOB and BOG 2 La Louviere, Belgium
CC Birmingham 2003