LITTER   2008
On 8th March 2008 Vizara Likoma Lechaim was mated to Ch. Pronkberg Makari who lives in Italy.
As they were both on their way to Crufts  the meeting took place in Calais. The pups are expected
in the first week of May.

Vizara Likoma Lechaim

sire:   Ye Japha Ben Shemen of Vizara
dam:  French, Dutch, Luxemburg and Int. Ch. Vizara Glenara
dob:   12-06-2005

HD: A                      ED and OCD: free                         
height: 66 cm       complete detition
Likoma and her parents

Ch. Pronkberg Makari

Italian, Austrian, VDH, Swiss, International,
Croatian, Slovenean & Montenegro Champion.

sire:   Ch. Apalachee Umquolo of Pronkberg
dam:  Sarula Gwiza
dob:   25-12-2002

breeder:  Dr. Steph Potgieter (South Africa)
owner   :  Sara Venturelli (Italy)

HD: A                      ED and OCD: free
height: 68 cm       weight: 45 kg
full dentition

This is the 56th day...........                                       How long do I have to wait.........
This is day 56: 5th May at 18.30                           Likoma is still quite relaxed
Her waters break at 19.30                                       And the first pup is born at 19.45

The pups arrive at regular intervals and the last one is born at 05.00 the next morning.
Likoma stays very relaxed during the whelping. After the 10th pup we give her 10 ml
Calcium. She has  a total of 14 pups: 5 dogs and 9 bitches. One dog and 4 bitches are born
without a ridge. The others all have correct ridges, no kinky tails or DS. After the last pup we
administer 5 IE Oxytocin and 300 mg Augmentin.
The first puppy pictures.