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Vizara means "horn of plenty" in Chitonga, one of the languages spoken in Malawi, a country in East Africa, where Mariette grew up.

Vumba was our first Rhodesian Ridgeback who came to live with us in January 1989 and we started showing him in the ring in 1991.
It was through him that we came to know and love the breed. We bred our first litter in 1995.

Our aim is to breed sound and healthy dogs, true to type and with fine temperaments
Rens Trappel and Mariette van der Veer
Zuiddijk 3, 3249 BH Herkingen,
The Netherlands
tel :  +31-187-669795
fax:  +31-187-669987

This Vumba the Rhodesian Rigdeback site is owned by mariette van der veer and rens trappel.
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